The Greater Rochester Housing Partnership is a construction lender for affordable housing developments throughout the Rochester region. We understand the complex layers of public and private financing necessary to build and preserve affordable apartments and homes. Our construction loans are designed to work with multiple funding sources and to make the construction phase of development as inexpensive and efficient as possible.

Since 1992, the Partnership has lent over $85,000,000 in construction financing to borrowers, creating 1,300 affordable apartments, and we have financed over 1,000 single-family homes. We work with large, sophisticated nonprofit and for-profit developers as well as small, community-based organizations to design construction and bridge financing that is both reasonably priced and responsive to borrowers needs.

Construction Financing is offered with fixed or variable interest rates for terms of nine to 24 months. Forward commitments are always available to facilitate obtaining permanent financing.

The Partnership offers predevelopment loans to nonprofit developers of affordable housing.

Please contact Theodora Finn @ 585-423-6326 or tfinn@grhp.org for detailed information on rates and terms for construction and predevelopment loans. All loans must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership.

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